Aris to Offer its Smart, Clean Energy Solutions to Newark Campuses - Aris Renewable Energy
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Aris to Offer its Smart, Clean Energy Solutions to Newark Campuses

Aris to Offer its Smart, Clean Energy Solutions to Newark Campuses

They are also launching a STEM/Renewable Energy teaching tool to incorporate Smart Poles into science education programs.

Newark, New Jersey, USA: Aris Renewable Energy, the leading Energy solutions provider, collaborated with the Newark Board of Education on an initiative called “STEM learning experiences” that is meant to broaden the students’ understanding and appreciation of today’s evolving energy situation. The school partnered with Aris Wind to provide its “Smart Pole” to address these needs.

The valuable STEM teaching tool is also meant to introduce students to the world of energy efficiency and conservation, solar energy, wind power, energy storage, and the IT technology that enables this information to be broadcast into the classroom environment.

ARIS has always led the industry with its intelligent, affordable, resilient, and sustainable solutions meant to save the world and return money to its clients’ pockets. With this initiative, Aris Wind will help Newark’s students understand how Smart Poles’ operation, components, and data play a role in addressing climate change by providing a cleaner alternative to generating street lighting. The goal is to enable students to learn more about clean energy and resiliency solutions to climate change that they can see and touch in their schools and communities, hopefully motivating their interest in a career path directly involved with sustainability.

This collaboration between ARIS Wind and the Newark Board of Education sets a beautiful example of honoring the objectives of recent primary legislation at both the federal and state levels. The Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and climate change provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act paved the way to expand these resources nationally. Meanwhile, New Jersey became the first state to include a climate change curriculum in K–12 by launching the New Jersey Climate Change Education Hub.

The company states that “their energy solutions are meant to enhance life and create a more sustainable future by using the four pillars of sustainability, i.e., decarbonization, efficiency, resilience, and innovation. Their team comprises energy experts from the utility, fuel cell, and engineering industries. Their partners bring decades of experience in solid oxide fuel cells and other renewable energy technologies, solar and wind-powered off-grid lighting, and project management from the construction industry, making them “the best in town.”

About the Company

Aris Renewable Energy is a clean energy industry leader and beneficiary that shares its success charitably and responsibly. They are known to deliver the highest quality of products and services to their clients, creating lasting, beneficial relationships through consistency. Being a profitable and sustainable business, their key focus remains on innovation that helps them create valuable solutions for their customers.

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