Reducing the Dependency on Traditional Energy Solutions with the Aris Wind Smart Pole - Aris Renewable Energy
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Reducing the Dependency on Traditional Energy Solutions with the Aris Wind Smart Pole

Reducing the Dependency on Traditional Energy Solutions with the Aris Wind Smart Pole

The demand for electricity has been steadily increasing as our vehicles, homes, and offices have become more electrified. However, our reliance on coal and other fossil fuels to generate electricity has proved to be incredibly taxing on our planet: from producing harmful greenhouse gases to emitting air pollutants that compromise our health and wellbeing. More than ever, there is a pressing need for alternative, clean, and environmentally friendly fuel sources to generate our electricity.

If you are looking to get into the clean energy market and significantly reduce your home or organisation’s carbon footprint, you should check out the various environmentally friendly solutions that Aris Renewable Energy provides to its customers. Aris Renewable Energy has been in the renewable energy business since 2013. Since then, it has been our mission to provide affordable, resilient, sustainable energy solutions that will not only benefit our environment but provide clean energy security for us and future generations to come.

The Aris Wind Smart Pole

Aris Renewable Energy has developed the Aris Wind Smart Pole – a hybrid solar-and-wind powered street light that is designed to capture and store wind and solar energy all year round. This stored energy may then be used to power additional auxiliary power loads. Powered by 100% renewable energy, the Aris Wind Smart Pole reduces the need for fossil fuel consumption while furthering the user’s sustainability and grid resiliency goals.


The Aris Wind Smart Pole features a 480 W wind generator, two 500 W solar panels, and a dimmable 80 W LED lamp. Its transparent shroud feature increases wind power output through harnessing low velocity wind. Excess energy is stored in the above ground battery enclosure which provides up to 3-5 days of energy. Cameras and wireless telecoms may also be attached to the Smart Pole – enhancing the customer’s security and safety in emergency situations.


Through its hybrid system design, the Aris Wind Smart Pole can generate power all year-round. Even when incoming solar radiation is low during the cold, cloudy winter months, the Smart Pole can harness wind energy for power. The battery storage system may last for up to 3-5 days or be used on regular demand.

The Aris Wind Smart Pole’s sleek and modern design even allows the user to advertise their brand or organization on the pole of the streetlight. Customers can easily showcase their commitment to sustainability and transition to renewable energy use. Additionally, the Aris Wind Smart Pole does not require any underground trenching, wiring, or grid interconnect – making for an easy installation. The Smart Pole also has a cloud platform that provides complete and monitoring capabilities from remote locations from mobile devices.

Through carefully researching and establishing the most innovative clean energy solutions, Aris Renewable Energy ensures that its customers are always provided with the highest quality services available on the market.