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Street Lights Powered By Solar and Wind Energy: Lighting The Path Towards a Better Future

Street Lights Powered By Solar and Wind Energy: Lighting The Path Towards a Better Future

  • Researchers in Spain have developed an autonomous street lamp with integrated solar and wind turbine technology that is wholly 100% and 20% cheaper than existing public lighting systems

  • Penang, a city in Malaysia, strives to use renewable energy to power daily operational needs

  • The solar street lighting market is valued at USD 11.53 billion and projected to reach USD 45.58 billion by 2027

  • U.S. wind power capacity increased by 203.5% between 2010 and 2020, with an average annual increase of 12%

With economic and climate resilience plans gaining widespread acceptance, the pandemic has compelled furthered this movement as the economic fallout has compelled a renewable energy revolution.

The use of streetlights powered by solar and wind energy has grown significantly in recent years with the initiatives of the European Union and the U.S. clean energy economic stimulus initiatives.

Apart from retaining the promise and commitment of sustainability, the application of solar and wind energy for street lighting offers a plethora of benefits to the modern community.

This blog shares a review of the recent technological innovations in solar and wind energy for public street lighting.


Solar-powered street lighting is an efficient choice for high-quality lighting and visibility to a cleaner, sustainable future.

The European Union launched the Green Deal in 2019 with the goals to achieve a climate-neutral EU by 2050, the quality, efficiency, and ease of application of solar lighting units make it ideal to help the EU reach these goals.

Despite the irregular distribution of solar energy across the world and its intermittent supply, tropical countries that receive ample sunlight can hugely benefit from this source of energy.

As infrastructure, commercial, and public facilities continue to develop towards a greener future, the use of solar and wind powered streetlights have gained a huge impetus while also gaining the reputation as a super saver combo. Some of the benefits of solar and wind-powered street lighting include:

  • LED lights that are long-lasting and maintenance-free

  • Water-resistant, weatherproof, offer low glare, and have a low insect attrition rate

  • Conventional traditional lighting offers many barriers in its installation – from underground utilities and electrical work to the root system causing interruptions – solar streetlights are completely off-grid and save you from all these troubles

  • The photocells used in solar light panels lower the maintenance requirements dramatically. In the daytime, the controller keeps the fixture off while the panel produces zero charges during the dark hours as the controller turns the fixtures on while operating. The rainwater easily cleans the solar panels while the shape makes them easy to upkeep. Additionally, the batteries come with five to seven years of minimal durability.

  • Solar and wind-powered street lights lead to no energy bills. The absence of monthly energy costs makes a drastic difference in cost efficiency.

Although some people might argue about the high upfront cost of installation, the unending benefits down the line including minimal operating costs, zero energy bills, and low maintenance in comparison to the traditional light posts justify its increasing adoption. Apart from enhancing the beauty of public spaces and minimizing the community’s carbon footprint, solar and wind powered streetlights also help improve safety and security with its capabilities to integrate and power CCTV cameras.

ARIS offers renewable energy solutions for both residential and commercial applications. If you are looking for reliable professional support or are interested in discovering the benefits of green energy, contact us for a consultation.