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Why the World is Shifting Towards Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

Why the World is Shifting Towards Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

As the use of electricity is steadily increasing in our homes, offices, and even vehicles, the demand and prices for it are significantly increasing as well. On top of this, over 60% of electricity generation is generated from fossil fuels that are incredibly taxing on the planet. There is a pressing need for alternative, clean, and environmentally friendly fuel sources that can keep up with the rising demand without taking a toll on the planet’s resources.

Hydrogen is considered to be one of nature’s most abundant resources, and a fuel cell is able to use it to generate electricity through reverse electrolysis: a chemical reaction where hydrogen and oxygen are combine to form energy and water. This chemical reaction ensures a sustainable means of producing electricity without burdening the environment and allows you to run electricity off-grid. Here are a few benefits of using hydrogen fuel cells like Aris Renewable Energy’s BlueGEN Fuel Cell:

Environmentally Friendly

Using hydrogen-based fuel cells greatly decreases your energy consumption from the grid and even recycles the excess electricity it produces by sending it back to the grid. Moreover, these fuel cells can reduce harmful carbon emissions by 50% on average. Furthermore, most fuel cells have an average electrical efficiency of 60% which is close to double than that of the traditional grid (33%).

Heat Generated as a By-product

In addition to its higher efficiency over the traditional grid, hydrogen fuel cells are able to further increase their efficiency is through Combined Heat & Power (CHP). With CHP, the heat generated during the chemical reaction is optimized and can be directly fed into water boilers for the building and can also be used in central heating. A 1.5kW BG-15 is able to produce up to 13,000 kWh of electricity and 7,400 kWh of heat per year, increasing its overall efficiency up to 89%.

Saves Money

Gas is relatively cheaper than electricity, and fuel cells use very little of it to begin with. Considering that all electricity is generated right at home through the fuel cell, it removes the need to take any electricity from the grid. Rather, the fuel cell sends excess electricity back to the grid and sustains itself on the excess amounts produced to power its critical load.

Ease of Access

Hydrogen fuel cells in production today come equipped with all the modern technology available. You can control, maintain and monitor your usage and output, all from an application. This simple device can power a residential or commercial building and can produce electricity 24/7, regardless of weather conditions and even when the grid is down.

Minimal Design and Requirements

The fuel cell is a compact box that can easily be installed in the boiler or utility room of any building. All it needs to function is a gas, water, and internet connection, as well as a permanent connection to the power supply.

If you are looking to get into the clean energy market and install a hydrogen-based fuel cell in your building, Aris Renewable Energy provides services and products that you will find useful. Visit their website at www.aris-re.com for more details on the BlueGEN Fuel Cell.