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Importance of Electricity Generators for Businesses

Importance of Electricity Generators for Businesses

As we all know, the world is becoming more and more dependent on energy, technology, and data today. Residential and commercial spaces need to have resilient supply of electricity even in times of blackouts. A simple way of getting a sustainable supply of power is through using an electricity generator. Although there are different types of electricity generators available in the market, current trends in decarbonization and long-term movements towards renewable energy are pushing businesses to use generators that help in cutting CO2 emissions. Additionally, government initiatives offer certain subsidies towards carbon cutting products that aid companies and individuals with substantial savings. The BlueGen Fuel Cell is a leading product in the industry. It is an efficient power generator that utilizes natural gas (with hydrogen blending capabilities) and can provide electricity efficiency of up to 60%.

In this blog, we will take a look at the importance of power generators for businesses. We have listed some points below to illustrate.

Solid Backup for Electrical Emergencies

Nearly every business requires continuous supply of power to function smoothly. One of the main benefits of using an electricity generator is that no matter what happens, your business will continue to receive its much needed power supply and face no issues with operations.

No Risk of Revenue Loss

Businesses are able to deliver their products and services as long as their operations do not face any unexpected interruptions. However, this is exactly what happens during times of electrical emergencies or blackouts. Businesses that aren’t prepared for such emergencies can face significant revenue loss as their operations come to a halt due to a lack of power supply. You can easily avoid such risks by investing in a top-quality electricity generator.

Safety from Equipment Damage

Businesses use costly equipment and machinery for their operations. Without them, they won’t be able to manufacture their products or offer their services to their clients. The biggest risk of sudden blackouts or electrical emergencies is that it can cause damage to expensive machinery, where repairs or replacement may require significant investment and resources. Providing a continuous supply of power through electricity generators is an effective measure to keep your equipment safe.

It is critical for businesses to invest in electricity generators. We recommend you to use the BlueGen, which is a modular micro-CHP system based on fuel cell technology. BlueGen can supply electricity to small businesses and public buildings. In fact, it can serve as an effective fuel cell power backup for residential spaces as it is capable of providing around 13,000 kWh of low-emission electricity every year. Since BLUEGEN uses solid oxide ceramic fuel cells, it is one of the best efficient energy conversion systems in the market. If interested, you can get in touch with Aris Renewable Energy to learn more about BlueGen in detail.